Monday, August 29, 2011

Italy… Here I come!!! Day 16

Yeah baby!! The time has finally came where we go to italy!! This is going to be my favorite part! I can just tell!! We had to wake up super early to catch the train from Salzburg to Venice! Well we really had to take a train and then a bus to get to Venice! So this is just a quick picture of St. gilgen at 6 am in the morning! It was so beautiful! Those mountains were so huge. They are part of the Alps if I am remembering correctly.
 I just grabbed a quick chocolate croissant really fast for breakfast.
 nd a yummy chocolate milk! It was quite the chocolate breakfast!
 this is a cool building that I was looking at while waiting for the train. Its very colorful!

The hostel we stayed at also made us sandwiches for the road… so I just ate mine on the way. It wasn’t anything special just a ham and cheese and bread.
 I am not sure where this was taken, whether it was in Austria or Italy… but it was on the train ride, out the window. It was pretty!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The day in Hallstatte Austria Day 15

Hey there! So today we spent the day in hallstatte! It was so beautiful! Of course it was raining but it was still beautiful! So this was just on the bus ride there! 

 once we got off the bus, we had to take train and then a ferry to hallstatte! Then we just had time to do what ever we wanted! So we ended up going on this hike! The view was amazing!
 after the hike, we just sat down and ate lunch. I just got this salad with cranberries and the triangular things are just like mozzarella sticks. They were just full of cheese! They were very tasty!
 Daily dose of Gelato! I cant remember the flavors but I know there is the cookies and the bottom one is Tiramisu. I cant remember what the white one is, but I am sure it was good!
 I was board so I decided to play around with my point and shoot camera and I found all of this crazy stuff that it does! So I decided to post them on here!
 Just another crazy one!
 This is just a picture of the city before we left! It was so beautiful!!

I cant remember what we had for dinner but I am sure it wasn’t anything great because I didn’t take a picture! I am sure we just went to the market and got some bread or something like that! 

Rest and relaxation with a marching band! Day 14

Haha! Quite the title right? So today is Sunday. We were going to go to church but we didn’t know where it was and we would have had to go to Salzburg and we didn’t want to spend the money on the bus to get there and back so we just decided to say in. But Jenni and I really needed it! We were so so tired! Its crazy how tired you can get and how fast too! So we slept in for the first time and then went on a quest to find internet! This town doesn’t beliveve in internet I swear! I think they was to keep it authentic is the only word I can think of. They didn’t seam to want to make it like modern day society. In our internet quest, we stumbled upon this little parade! Well we thought it was little, but it wasn’t!! It had three different marching bands! It was so neat to see! And everyone was dressed in there old authentic clothing! I loved it!! So for some reason... I cant get blogger to upload the video of the marching band but I should be able to put it on facebook... so just look for it there! We actually got hot chocolate again and where we were sitting, the parade came buy again but on a different street! So we got to see it twice! So cool!
 we then stopped in for lunch, I just wanted something small and ended up just getting a club sandwich… it wasn’t that good. It had lots of dry bread, but the fries were good! J
 I honestly cant remember what we did the rest of the day! Probably slept and maybe watched a few movies! It was so nice to relax! So we later went out and got some dinner! I think this was spinach tortellini with pesto I believe! It was really good!
 Of course I had to get desert! This was a desert crepe filled with gelato!! So dang good!!! I loved every bite of it! The gelato did melt really fast so you had to eat it up quick!
And that’s really it for that day!

The hills are alive with the sound of music!!! Day 13

Hello again! I hope you guys are all enjoying my blog and that it is making you really hungry! J I have probably said this before but I am starting to cut back on my blog posts and I am not eating out as much! So we are now in a little town called St. Gilgen and it is outside of Salzburg, Austria. We actually have to take an hour bus ride to get to Salzburg. And each was is 5.40 euros! So expensive! But St. Gilgen is so beautiful!!! I was so amazed! Big green hills and a big beautiful lake!! This hole area is beautiful! But it is impossible to find internet! I probably sound crazy to you but we were going crazy to find internet! So Salzburg is where the sound of music was filmed and even bassed off of! So there is sound of music everywhere! We went into Salzburg and went up to the casstel/museum! It was pretty cool! I just felt like singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music’! I have to watch that movie when I get back! So this is breakfast! A chocolate covered pretzel! What a way to start off the day!
 This is Jenni, Connie and I just having some fun!
Haha! More fun with Jenni

 This is us just outside in the court yard!!
The entire time we were in this area, it was so cold and rainy! We were soaked to the bone so we stopped in a little shop there for some delicious hot chocolate!! So dang good!
 We all went out to eat later. I really wanted spaghetti so I ended up getting spinach and bacon spaghetti with a white sauce! I haven’t ever had spaghetti like that before and I really liked it!

We really didn’t do much after that! We looked around for Jenni a towel for quite some time and really couldn’t find he one! So strange! All of the shops were touristy stuff! I wasn’t until latter we actually found her a towel! So yup! That’s it for today!

Train, Train, Train, and a Buss! Day 12

Wow! This was such a long day! We left Prague and we to Salzburg Austria. Well, we really stayed out side of Salzburg in a little po-dunk town called St. Gilgen. It was a really cute town! But it took us forever to get there! We left at like 8 am and didn’t get there until like 6 ish! It took us three trains and a bus to get there! Intense! So I think for breakfast I just at the rest of the cold cereal so we could use up the milk! We actually had to sit in the train station for a bit. In the mean time, Jenni found Dr. Pepper!!! That is the first we have found it sense we got here and it is probably going to be the last! So she is giving it her love!
 So we really still had most of our food that we got when we first got into Prague so we just took that and ate that on the trains and bus. But by the time we got in, we were all starving… well at least I was! So we found a little restaurant that was still open. I cant remember what it was called but it was basically like a meat platter with fries! There was a hot dog, chicken, pork chop, and a few others that were really good! Oh and I had cranberry juice!  I know this looks like a lot of fries, but they weren’t all mine!
 I was so happy to be back in Austria where the gelato is amazing! Jenni and I shared this desert! So dang good!
 So in the hostel we found this can vending machine! Crazy! They had pistachios, nuts, gumdrops, and some other stuff! I just thought it was so funny!!
 I got chocolate covered peanuts and Jenni got bubble gum!!! Who would have thought that bubble gum could come in a can!!! So strange!!

I am running out of cool titles! Day 11

Haha! Hello everyone! I am running out of ideas for cool titles and ways to start off my blog! So now I am either going get really boaring or I will just have to be really creative! So today is our last full day in Prauge! I feel like I just got here! But there isn’t much to see to that’s fine with me! Breakfast was just bread and cheese again! This cheese wasn’t anything special, just like the laughing cow brand at home! 
I think I have said this before but they don’t really have orange juice! I thought this was going to be orange soda but it didn’t taste like orange. I still to this day don’t know what it is! 
 The group ended going to a museum, but I was feeling kinda poor so Jenni and I skipped out and just relaxed at a cafĂ©! But we did meet up with everyone and went to lunch on some little side street in town. I ordered Gnocchi Caprese! It was gnocchi with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil! It was so so yummy!
 this was just some yummy bread that we ordered with our meals! It was just kinda like pizza with out toppings!
 We went to a famious building called the dancing house. It was built to look like a women and a man dancing! It was really cool!
 Gelato! This was better then the stuff we had the day before! I think I got vanilla and cheese cake.
For dinner, we went to the same restaurant down the street that we went the first night! they have shark on the menu, but the first time we went they were out. So we went back to see if they had this time, and they didn’t! that’s what I was going to get! Dang! So I got pork steak with bre cheese and cranberry sauce! It was so so tasty!
and it came with a salad!

Yummy! Now its time to pack the bag and move on! J

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun in Prague! Day 10

I am here! We made it to the city of Prague in the Czech Republic! I am surprised by the city! It is really dirty, run down and gritty! It’s unique in its own way! It could be very artsy in its own way. I never thought I would find my self in Prague, but here I am! So here the currency is in crowns, not euros. So it is still hard to tell how much everything is! In euros, the conversion rate was about 1 euro to about $1.50 so at least it is somewhat similar, but not in Czech! It is about 100 crowns to $6.00 US dollars. Weird! I never got use to it! I have a little currency converter app on my iPhone and I used that all the time! I did save some coins if you want to see what they look like! I was going to save crowns, but that would mean I would have use less money sitting around, so I didn’t do that! So on to the food! I think my blog posts from here on out is more or less the best things I eat not everything! There are lots of times, we cant stop and eat for one reason or another so I end up eating something like bread and cheese or nutella! I figured you probably don’t want to see that every day! 
J when we got into Prague  then night before we went grocery shopping and we got a ton of stuff: cold cereal and milk, bread, cheese, chips, juice, nutella, and maybe a few others stuff. It only was under $20 US dollars for all of it! Prague was cheap! I loved it! But these is deffanetly a disadvantage to not speeking the language! We got the wrong kind of milk! Or should I say, we did even get milk at all! It was gross! I think it ended up being something like butter milk! So the one on the left, wrong milk. The milk on the right, RIGHT MILK!

we went to the main church here in town and watched the clock go off! There was a ton of people standing around waiting for it to chime! So I thought it was going to be some big huge awesome show… yah not really! Some people came out, a skeleton rang the bell and then there was a real trumpet player come out and tooted his little horn and that was it! Not that cool but I did end up finding gelato in the square! It was expensive and not verry good! The gelato in Austria is so much better!! 
 we did got to the charles bridge that is famious and has been in some movies, but I can’t remember! This is just a quick shot that I got!  I went back latter and got some sweet night pictures of the bridge and the city! 
 Jenni and I inside the main castle up on the hill! It was so beautiful!!!
 After spending some time in the square, we went to get some food! It was an interesting place. It was kinda like elementary school lunch. You told the ladies what you wanted to eat and then they marked it on this little paper, then you give the paper to the casher before you left! It was interesting! I got beef gulosh with dumplings and a veggie soup that ended up tasting like pickles. All of it was different but still good!
 this was desert! It was like a sweet dumpling filled with apricot filling. One had like of a cream cheese frosting (on right) and the other was kinda like butter cream with powdered sugar. They were good but I couldn’t really eat them all… they were just different I guess I should say!
 Then we wandered around town for a bit and found a bon bon store! It was so so so expensive! We only bought three chocolates and it was like $5 bucks! The one I picked out was best! The one with the gold and pink painted swirls. It was a truffle.
 This one is for Vegas! Grape flavored tick-tac’s! yummy! J
Talk about trying to be social! the room that Jenni and I stayed in was the best spot for internet so we had a party! There was also Matt in the corner but you cant see him!
 Dinner! Nutella and bread! I am going to gain so much weight! Haha J but it is totally worth it!